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  • Three Sisters Sunset

    One of the best pieces of advice I got for sunrise/sunset photos is to constantly look around. We get so fixated on the sunset itself, that sometimes we forget to see the beauty behind us. For me, this is also a great life lesson - Always be sure to look around and absorb all of creation's beauty. Taken at sunset looking east, this is the Three Sisters rock formation at Goblin Valley State Park with Molly's Castle in the distance.

  • Cassidy Arch at Sunset

    Capitol Reef National Park in Utah is a magical place. Sunset brings out the vibrant colors in the rock. The silence of the vast open space calms the senses. All is at peace. Original Dimension: 16 x 24

  • The Sentinel

    Drink in the rich colors and textures of this scene. Feel the cool moist air against your skin. Listen as the birds awake and welcome a new day. All of this and more surrounds a lone bull Bison as he watches over his territory. Original Dimensions: 16 x 24

  • Palmer Lake Star

    The Palmer Lake Star has been part of the town's history since 1935. The star's story goes back to the depression era. It was built to "inspire hope and prosperity" to weary travelers. Today I think it still achieves this lofty goal. Original Dimensions: 8 x 16

  • Solitary Sunset

    Sunsets in the desert can be extraordinarily colorful. This is especially true for White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. I was able to walk around the white dunes all afternoon, enjoying the peaceful winter afternoon. All was quiet and still. My heart sang with joy to see the wonder of nature's colorful sunset. Original Dimensions: 16 x 20

  • Fall Fantasies

    Fall colors adorn the San Juan Mountains in this long exposure photograph.

  • Peaceful Petals

    The soft lines and gentle curve of a flower's petals are soothing to the mind, and food for the soul. Original Dimansions: 13 x 20

  • Monument Rock Splendor

    This is nothing like a beautiful sunset to fill you with joy, and bring a sense of peace to the end of a day. This photo of Monument Rock in Pike National Forest just west of Monument, Colorado does just that. Original Dimensions 16 x 20

  • Universal Beauty

    Cosmos Flowers are often called Love Flowers, but from the word 'Cosmos', as you would expect, they mean order, harmony and beauty in the Universe. Original Dimensions: 16 x 24

  • South Dakota Badlands

    The last light of sunset bathes the Badlands National Park landscape. Original Dimensions: 16 x 24

  • Horse Muzzling

    A stallion muzzles with one of the mares in his band.

  • Profile of a Kingfisher

    This kingfisher waits patiently, watching over his small pond for the next meal. Rain or shine, he is ever watchful. Original Dimensions: 8 x 10

  • Milky Way Skyline

    Such a beautiful sight when the Milky Way fills the sky. Color on the horizon is from Colorado Front Range Cities.

  • Colorful Sunrise

    It was such a beautiful sunrise looking west towards the Colorado mountains as this Great Blue Heron greets the day. Original Dimensions: 1 x 1 (Square)

  • Sands of Time

    The Sands of Time in Antelope Canyon. This is an amazing place. The sandstone walls have so many variations, texture, and rich colors. In the spring the light enters this slot canyon and makes everything glow. Original Dimensions: 16 x 20

  • Apricot Sunset

    The small town of Fruita sits within Capitol Reef National Park. The historic town is filled with many fruit orchards. This is the Apricot Orchard, looking north towards the beautiful backdrop of rock and approaching storm at sunset. Original Dimensions: 16 x 24

  • La Sal Sunset

    Taken from The Summit Post: "The La Sal Mountains are Utah's second highest mountain range, and form the famous background behind Moab and background scenes such as Fisher Towers, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park. The La Sal means "The Salt" in Spanish and the mountains were named by the Dominguez/Escalante Expedition in 1776. There are two stories about the naming of the La Sals. The first is that they were named because the soils and valleys surrounding the mountains contain salt. The second is that since the Dominguez/Escalante party passed through the area in August, they just couldn't believe the mountains were covered with snow, so they assumed they were covered with salt as are some of the surrounding valleys. Since summer temperatures often soar to 110F or higher in the valleys, the story isn't as far-fetched as it may seem." Original Dimensions: 10 x 16 (Found in Other Sizes)

  • Communications

    The foggy afternoon atmosphere provides a wonderful setting for these bald eagles as they perch on this branch, waiting patiently for the next meal. Original Dimensions: 8x8 (Square)

  • On Guard

    This pair of eagles were continuously aware, watching their surroundings. The background trees in this image provide a great backdrop to highlight them. Original Dimensions: 8 x 10

  • Huddled Herons

    These Great Blue Herons are huddled together on a cold spring morning. The cloudy morning sky provides a High Key effect for this image. Original Size: 16 x 24

  • Great Blue Heron Youth

    These Great Blue Heron are waking up on a chilly spring morning. If you look closely you can see frost on the head of the heron on the left. The cloudy morning provided a wonderful High Key effect for this image. Original Size: 16 x 24

  • The Columbine Flower

    The columbine flower is Colorado's state flower. The soft petals contrast so nicely with the brilliant white and yellow center. Original Size: 16 x 20

  • Homeward Bound

    A cowboy's partner in everyday life is his horse. Original Size: 20 x 36

  • Sneezeweed Summer

    The Colorado mountains are bursting with colorful wildflowers during late July and early August. It is truly a sight to behold. This Sneezeweed adorns the mountainsides, adding to nature's color palette. Original Size: 16 x 24

  • Morning Mist

    The fog is thick, surrounding everything and making it difficult to se hills and valleys. This American Bison stands quietly and confidently as he listens, waiting to join his herd mates. Original Size 16 x 24

  • Daisy Smile

    These small and delicate daisies shine brilliantly in the sunset of spring. Original Size: 16 x 20

  • Monument Valley Sunset

    The mittens are an iconic landmark in the beautiful Monument Valley. This photo captures the lovely skies as the sun sets over the Mittens. Original Size: 12 x 24

  • Supermoon Rise

    This is a view of the 2016 Supermoon as it rises over the small town of Monument, Colorado. Original Size: 16 x 24

  • Nicollet Sunset

    Canadian fires hung over the great midwest skies for weeks during the summer of 2015. The particles from the fire contributed to already amazing South Dakota sunsets. This sunset photo was taken from the top of Nicollet Tower, looking northwest towards the Coteau des Prairies. The brilliant sunset colors are a contrast to the dark forest green and the vibrant green fields. Original Size: 15 x 30

  • Pikes Peak - Clearing Storm

    After weathering the storm, we are surrounded by great beauty. Original Size: 16 x 20

  • Lovely Lines

    "Love planted a rose; and the world turned sweet. " Katherine Lee Bates Original Size: 1 x 1

  • Peaceful Glory

    The golden glow of day's end provides such an amazing atmosphere to this sun set in Capital Reef National Park. Original Size 16 x 24

  • Perspective

    The expansive night sky shines brightly over a lightning storm in Badlands National Park. It took a while looking at this image to really understand the full meaning of it and how it puts perspective on life, the world, and the universe. Original Size: 18 x 27

  • Maroon Bells

    The night sky watches over Maroon Bells just before dawn. Original Size: 16 x 24

"Your translation of light to images reminds me how truly blessed we are to share this tiny planet. Kim ,you are an inspiration!" - Sandy Jo

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